Episode 409: Halloween Special

Something very different for this episode.
Each of us choose a theme appropriate piece to read in book-on-tape style.

Chelsea reads The House of Ghosts by Margaret Widdemer

Guy reads The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

Troy reads Dead Chute by Coleman Todd Fluhr

Between each story we also bring you three 5-Minute Mystery Radio plays from the website www.genericradio.com

My Pal Patsy

Murder of Mrs. Brooks

Death Calls at Dinner

With each mystery we stray further and further off script, tempted by the improv muse.

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Our music is composed by David Coile, you can find him at: http://davidcoile.com . Our opening theme was sung by Losing Lara, you can find her at https://losinglara.bandcamp.com .

additional music is by Kevin Macleod, you can find his work at: https://incompetech.com/

Our additional music comes from freepd.com