It's the geekiest we've ever looked.

Our Approach

In season four we ask a main question at the beginning of each episode and focus on describing the issues at hand before answering said question. Join us on our weekly podcast journey every Monday!

Our Story

Two geeks meet and fall in lov- wait, no,  aspire to greater things, later on they add a third AND fourth opinion to the mix, CHAOS ENSUES! Thus a podcast was born, and developed, and is in action!

Meet the Team

For four seasons the Geek Tank Crew has banded together to bring you all the latest news in the realms of geekdom and talk about important issues within our community. We strive to bring all geekdom together for the good of all <3

Guy About Photo

Guy S Davis

Producer and Artist Extraordinaire 

Guy is an active comic artist with 3 comics in the works: Tammerlane, Springs, and Witches of Flame. When not drawing he enjoys taking photos and table top gaming with his family.

Troy About Photo

Troy Fluhr

Punslinger and Rogue

Troy has an extensive background in improv  comedy and performing. He loves boardgames, swordfighting, puns, TV shows, and movies.

Chelsea About Photo

Chelsea Kramer

Researcher and Shield Maiden

Chelsea has been a cosplayer and con goer since 2016. She loves gaming, sword fighting, and expressing her opinion.

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