So this week we spoof our episode number and explore what you CAN’T find on the internet. 🙂

#ThingsYouCantFindOnTheInternet #RockyMountainGeekTank

Check out the Geeks of Grandeur party this weekend! Details on their webpage:

This is our last episode for season 3. We will be taking a break over the summer from our usual format, but we will still be cranking out new stuff for you in the form of live Facebook videos and a few other surprises. Be sure to follow our Facebook page to keep updated.

Thank you all for helping make season 3 so fun. Have a great Summer!

Hey Trekkies (And non-Trekkies)! It’s our Star Trek Discovery review!  The first segment is non-spoilery, but the last two segments are VERY spoilery!

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In this episode we have some great interviews from the Sci-Fi convention Starfest. Chelsea gets to talk with actors Roger Cross (Dark Matters, Continuum, X-Files) and Gigi Edgley (Farscape, Star Trek Continues, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge).

Troy finds out about a new book chatting with local author Carolyn Kay.

Lastly, Guy gets technically geeky with Astrophysicist and all around cool person, Dr. Erin Macdonald.