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“Money is For Nothin” By Dire Straits, naturally.

“Video Killed the Radio Star”, cover by Ashley U-lynn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp9hl0QkIEE

Kathryn Renta

Kathryn S. Renta is an award winning artist from Denver, Colorado. As a child, she had an intense fear of blank pages, so she set out to fill every one she could. That included sketchbooks, journals, random bits of paper, and even the wall behind her childhood bed.

In addition to 20 years as a graphic artist and illustrator, her work includes over a decade of lettering comic books for Viz Media, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, and several independent publishers.

Currently, she is outlining a book and podcast under the working title, “Creative Sangha,” about how cultivating creative friendships can improve your life. She designs book covers with her business, Latchkey Artist, Ltd. As Art Director for RuneWright, LLC, she also designs print and marketing materials, tailoring her work specifically to independent authors and artists.


Music in this episode is from the group “Bond”

It’s our friends Chris and Josh from Collectors Castle! They aren’t quite ready to be live in the interworld, but we got them to talk a little bit about collecting! 😀

Music is Aaron Copeland, “Fanfare for the Common Man” and Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”.

This Week we interview Colorado Author Sue Duff on the eve of the release of her new book

    Stack A Deck


You can find her at her website:


You… sadly can’t find Markimasis anywhere on the web… you’d have to go to Japan and hunt them down… they were in Ueno park last I saw them! But MAN their music is awesome!