Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to 2018!  After recovering our website from the small wonderful disaster that ultimately killed off the first part of Season 3 (We’ll be putting that back up here shortly)  and a happy virus that put Guy in bed for a week (But did not kill him, thus he is stronger, so say the Klingons!), and a week of Holiday cheer, we are back with an all new episode of Geek Tank!

So, now we will get to know… well.. US!  Have you ever wondered about us?  We wonder about us all the time! So here we are!  Every question you never thought to ask in a one hour session!

#GeekTank #RockyMountainGeekTank

In this Episode we talk with a few great first generation Geek Ladies who were there at the ground floor of the Geek Girl Revolution in the 70s and 80s.

#GeekGirls #GrowingUpGeek #RockyMountainGeekTank #MileHiCon #WesterCon

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